24 Hours in Portugal

I was fortunate enough to be sent on assignment by Row360 magazine to Avis, Portugal last weekend. The brief was pictures and an article for their upcoming December issue. 

The area is a hotspot for rowing training camps, with rowers coming from as far afield as Japan to take advantage of the ideal rowing conditions on the vast lake and a purpose built hotel. The Hotel Herdade Da Cortesia was striking in both its architecture and hospitality.  The weather wasn't ideal for photography, but fortunately I had set my alarm early and managed to get some half decent shots in the morning light.

Luis and Pedro who run the hotel were absolutely charming and I had a great time getting to know them. 

Having never been before, I was impressed by Portugal. I was loathe to tear myself away as I stepped on the return flight to London less than 24 hours after touchdown. Exhausted but content with a good days work, I even managed to get some editing started on the laptop on the way back. Look out for more on the article when it is published later this month.